I Love My Craft - Crochet Pin Cushion

Valentine's Day and hearts kind of go hand in hand!

I wanted to make something that was practical, as well as cute and related to the day... I give you "I Love My Craft" - a gorgeous crochet heart pin cushion.

Of course, you can use it as a pin cushion or just an amigurumi heart, or insert a rattle and have a cute baby toy... the possibilities are only limited to your imagination!

PDF Download is available here - I Love My Craft




 MR - Magic Ring  ch - chain
 sc - single crochet  sl st - slip stitch
 inc - increase (2sc in same st)  st - stitch
 dec - Invisible decrease (sc2tog in FLO)  FLO - Front Loop Only
 (....) - repeat between the brackets  [4] - stitch count
PATTERN: FINISHED SIZE 10cm x 10cm (at widest point)

HEART TOP: Make 2   

R1/ MR, sc6 into ring, close ring tightly, sl st into sc [6] 

R2/ (inc) x6 [12]

R3/ (sc1, inc) x6 [18]

R4/ sc1, inc, (sc2, inc) x5, sc1 [24]

R5/ (sc3, inc) x6 [30]

R6/ sc2, inc, (sc4, inc) x5, sc2 [36]

R7-10/ (4 rounds) sc all around [36]

Top 1: sl st into next st, tie off and leave a long tail for sewing 

Top 2: DO NOT tie off, join Top 2 & Top 1 together with sc in the sl st tie off sp on Top 1 (counts as 1st st R11)

R11-12/ (2 rounds) sc all around both tops [72] - using the tie off tail from Top 1, sew the gap closed


R13/ sc5, dec (sc10, dec) x5, sc5 [66]

R14/ sc all around [66]

R15/ (sc9, dec) x6 [60]

R16/ sc all around [60]

R17/ sc4, dec (sc8, dec) x5, sc4 [54]

R18/ sc all around [54]

R19/ (sc7, dec) x6 [48]

R20/ sc all around [48]

R21/ sc3, dec (sc6, dec) x5, sc3 [42]

R22/ sc all around [42]

R23/ (sc5, dec) x6 [36]

R24/ sc all around [36]

  • Stuff into the top of the heart

R25/ sc2, dec (sc4, dec) x5, sc2 [30]

R26/ sc all around [30]

R27/ (sc3, dec) x6 [24]

R28/ sc all around [24]

R29/ sc1, dec (sc2, dec) x5, sc1 [18]

R30/ sc all around [18]

  • Stuff the rest of the heart

R31/ (sc1, dec) x6 [12]

R32/ sc all around [12]

R33/ (dec) x6 [6]

  • sl st next st, tie off leaving a 65cm long tail
  • stuff last bit then using the tie off tail, sew through the front loops and pull tightly to close gap - tie off to finish (DO NOT tie off if you want to make the stitch marker loop - see FINISHING SECTION below)

 FINISHING: Optional Stitch Marker Loop

  • Insert needle through bottom and exit between 9-10 rounds up from the bottom
  • Make a sl knot, ch11 and tie off, then secure between 20-21 rounds up from the bottom (makes a stitch marker holder - optional)

    Voilà... you are finished!


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