About Yarn Magic

Founded in the "Great Pandemic of 2020"Yarn Magic was born from a need to satisfy the ever growing realisation that fibre art can be therapeutic, especially during the restrictions and lock downs to curb said pandemic.

Yarn Magic brings happiness to those who truly appreciate a plethora of fibres, quirky accessories and Aussie talent.

Based in the South Eastern suburbs of Metro Melbourne, Yarn Magic's founder, Katt Wade, has been involved in fibre art since she was a child, learning from her Grandmothers and Mother as well as learning on her own along the way; starting off with knitting then moving to crochet and then pattern design.

20+ years on, Katt has become a textile artist with a wide range of skills across fabric, yarn and craft; specialising in crochet, crochet pattern design and sewing; she has a unique ability to see the ordinary and turn it into the extraordinary through skill, precision and personality and perhaps a dash of pizzazz thrown in for good measure.

Occasionally, Katt succumbs to bribery in the form of chocolate, coffee and cheesecake, and her favourite colour is blue.