Crochet Star - Free Pattern

So I was just fiddling around with something while I was waiting at school pick-up the other day, and this is what I came up with!

This would look cute on the cloud or round ring teethers too! (I just happened to have a few star ones laying around to use)



  • Cotton Yarn (I used Scheepjes Catona Denim 102)
  • Hook to accommodate yarn choice
  • Yarn sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • Wooden Teething Ring
 MR - Magic Ring  sc - single crochet  dc - double crochet
 tr - treble  sl st - slip stitch  ch - chain
 picot - ch2, sc into tr st  sp - space  st - stitch
 (....) - repeat between the brackets  [4] - stitch count  sk - skip

STAR: x2 Panels  

R1/ MR, sc1, ch 1 into ring (makes 1st dc), dc9 into ring, close ring tightly, sl st into ch1 [10] 

R2/ ch1, sc in same st as join, (dc2, tr, picot, dc2) into next st, sc1) x5 [5 points]

Panel 1: Tie off and make another panel

Panel 2: DO NOT tie off, ch1 then place both panels with the wrong sides touching together, sc through BOTH panels up the sides and 3 sc in the picot ch2 sp (tips of the star), tuck in your ends before closing the last star point, once you reach the beginning, tie off with and invisible stitch finish or tie off and weave in the end




R1/ (LEAVE AT LEAST 20cm BEGINNING TAIL) ch4, in 2nd ch from hook, sc3 back, ch1 TURN 

R2/ sc3 across, ch1 TURN

R3-22/ sk1, sc3 (last sc goes into previous turning ch helps keep a straight edge)

  • Tie off leaving a long tail to sew to the star


  • Sew one end of the rope to the star, lining up the middle of the 3 sc on the rope with the sc in between the 2 dc of the points (dc, sc, dc is where you should sew the rope on)

  • Place the other end though the ring, and sew close to the ring to form a loop and make sure you have the joins at the back before final sewing
  • Weave in the ends

Voilà... you are finished!


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