Haud Hogmanay - Happy New Year

Haud Hogmanay - Happy New Year!

I hope you allowed yourselves to indulge just a little over the Christmas and New Year period... I did... perhaps a little too much! 😂😌

There are many new and wonderful things are heading this way... so let's make 2021 a Magnificent year!


As 2021 has now begun in earnest, I'd like to say 'Welcome' to any New Customers/Yarn Lovers and 'Welcome Back' to those of you who have been tagging along for the ride thus far! 😁👍

The first big thing this year was the Magic Monday Calendar Giveaway - Congratulations to Lashay who was the winner. 🎉 This was just the first of many giveaways and competitions to come, so stay tuned for those throughout the year!


Another BIG deal was the introduction of the new yarn line Yarn and Colours. With the world going crazy around Covid-19, it is making shipping of awesome yarns and notions exceptionally hard to source at a rate that doesn't include auctioning off my first born grandchild, so I am especially proud to be registered with this company and their gorgeous lines of yarns in colours that will make you gasp in awe! 

As things settle down, I will bring more of their range onboard and be fully stocked with delightfully new and wonderous ranges. 😁👍🧶


This year has pencilled in some exciting new patterns, new products and new beginnings for me in the way of Crochet Teacher Certification in June through the CGA (Crochet Guild of Australia). I'm really looking forward to the training and being able to offer classes, courses and workshops towards the latter part of the year being a qualified instructor. 


2021 is bound to be a BIG year, I hope you stick around and enjoy the ride along with me and watch and help Yarn Magic grow! 🧶🔮

Thanks for taking the time to read, and have a Magical day...

Katt xx

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