Crochet Teething Ring Pattern

Crochet Teething Ring ~ Bunny Ears

Pattern by: BlueBuggs ~ Handmade

This one ball wonder is simple, quick and easy to make.

They make a perfect gift for a gnawing baby!

 Materials:  Abbreviations: Using US terms

25g weight 1 / 4ply cotton Yarn

65mm Wooden Ring

3mm Hook

Yarn Needle

sc - single crochet

inc - increase

dec - decrease             

ch - chain

Width: 5.5cm

Length: 34cm

Gauge: Firm Tension

5cm = 13 sts x 14 rows

 Coconut oil finished ring and Natural non-finished ring

To condition the ring: I used coconut oil and a soft clean cloth to rub the oil into the wood to give it a warm patina and a bit of extra protection - of course, you can leave it in it's natural state.

Allow at least 24-48 hrs for the oil to be absorbed into the wood before adding the Bunny Ears (blot with a paper towel to see if it has been absorbed; if oil is transferred to the towel, then allow more time to absorb).

The Bunny Ears are created using alternate rows

ch1 - TURN after each row (unless otherwise stated)

Follow the instructions as you read them from left to right/top to bottom

This pattern has been designed with this particular yarn

Using a different yarn may yield similar but different results

Lets Begin...

Make 2 Bunny Ear panels: using same or contrast colours

** ch1 - TURN after each row (unless otherwise stated) ** 

ROW 1/ ch4, starting in 2nd ch from hook, sc3 [3]

ROW 2/ inc, sc1, inc [5]

ROW 3/ inc, sc3, inc [7]

ROW 4/ inc, sc5, inc [9]

ROW 5/ sc all across [9]

ROW 6/ inc, sc7, inc [11]

ROW 7/ sc all across [11]

ROW 8/ inc, sc9, inc [13]

ROW 9-15/ (7 rows) sc all across [13]

ROW 16/ dec, sc9, dec [11]

ROW 17/ sc all across [11]

ROW 18/ dec, sc7, dec [9]

ROW 19/ dec, sc5, dec [7]

ROW 20/ dec, sc3, dec [5]

ROW 21-62/ (42 rows) sc all across [5]

ROW 63/ inc, sc3, inc [7]

ROW 64/ inc, sc5, inc [9]

ROW 65/ inc, sc7, inc [11]

ROW 66/ sc all across [11]

ROW 67/ inc, sc9, inc [13]

ROW 68-74/ (7 rows) sc all across [13]

ROW 75/ dec, sc9, dec [11]

ROW 76/ sc all across [11]

ROW 77/ dec, sc7, dec [9]

ROW 78/ sc all across [9]

ROW 79/ dec, sc5, dec [7]

ROW 80/ dec, sc3, dec [5]

ROW 81/ dec, sc1, dec [3]

** Tie off and make another **

** DO NOT tie off on second panel - continue to joining instructions ** 


  • Place both sides together
  • ch1, sc through both sides of the panels, all the way around and back to the beginning
  • Finish off with an invisible join or a sl st
  • Weave in the end

To attach to the ring:

  • hold both the "ear" ends together making a loop with the long middle part
  • put the middle loop through the centre of the wooden ring (with the back side facing if using a contrast)
  • then thread the ears through the loop and pull tight to secure

Voilà... you are finished; enjoy your new Bunny Ear Wooden Teething Ring!


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